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The hunt for value requires creative approach, as well as someone who is willing to put in the legwork necessary to find this hidden gems. Internal real estate departments usually do not have the time to spend looking for a below-market transaction. You want a broker with extensive contacts, a solid network, and a strong market research capability. Most importantly, you want a brokerage professional who wants to make you a deal, who represents your interests and take the time to find out, how real estate fits into your business plan now and in the future. If your broker has never asked what you want from your space, you have the wrong broker. Many brokers rely on "listings" systems to locate space. A good broker is someone who works hard and searches for "hidden" opportunities that have not yet entered the market. Careful, thoughtful preparation, paired with good brokerage representation can make all the difference in your real estate commitment. Remember, good things require hard work, and given the length of your real estate commitment, a little effort on the front end can save you a lot of money over the long term.

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